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"Fortify is a game-changer for anyone looking to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of blue light" -Danielle S.

Fortify - 3 Month Supply

3 month supply of Fortify. Supports retinal health and visual performance as they protect against daily stressors like blue light and eye strain.

Product Information

Fortify is a blend of macular-supportive nutrients and antioxidants designed to promote the natural ability of the eyes to filter blue light and prevent irritation caused by prolonged screen exposure. It includes lutein and zeaxanthin, maqui berry extract, ginkgo, bilberry, astaxanthin, and vitamin E isomers to support eye health. Fortify is ideal for those with prolonged exposure to blue light and those seeking to maintain healthy vision. It helps protect the eyes by absorbing damaging blue light and supporting clear vision.

  • Supports antioxidant status within the eye
  • May support a healthy inflammatory response within the eye
  • Supports retinal health and visual performance when exposed to the effects of blue light
  • May help alleviate occasional eye strain and eye fatigue associated with digital devices
  • May help alleviate occasional dry eyes
  • May promote blood flow within the eyes
  • Supports healthy macular pigment

Take two capsules per day with meals or as directed by your health-care practitioner.